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Orbit V2 (Second Edition) Playing Cards

Orbit V2 (Second Edition) Playing Cards

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The second edition of the Orbit deck!

Here is what Orbit Brown himself has to say about this deck:

"The Orbit Deck: Second Edition. With every Yin there must be a Yang. Heads and tails. North/South. Hot/Cold. This whole time, the Blue Orbits have been missing it's brother. The Blood Red Orbits feel bold and deliver a mysterious vibe all while looking sharp and iconic like it's older sibling. A few things have changed, a few things have remained the same. I have never liked the idea of simply changing the color and nothing else. I think small things should be updated as the Orbit line gets older. After the Reds I will start making bigger changes to the back design. Which means these will probably be the last Orbits to look like this."

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